Commander 2019: Merciless Rage (Black/Red)

Commander 2019: Merciless Rage (Black/Red)

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    CARVE YOUR PATH TO VICTORY. Choose from 3 fierce legendary creatures to lead your deck or help build new ones—all printed here for the first time.

    LOSE YOURSELF IN INSANITY. Commander 2019: Merciless Rage uses the “madness” mechanic to help you tear through your deck to find your best cards.

    JOIN THE FRAY. Commander is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) multiplayer format where alliances are formed, friends are betrayed, and grudges are repaid with a vengeance.

    COLLECT ALL FOUR. Merciless Rage is one of four decks in the Commander 2019 series.

    Contents Include:

  • 100-Card Deck
  • Plus: Foil Oversized Commander Card, Strategy Card, Reference Card