Box Breaks are streamed LIVE to each of the following platforms, so you can always tune in and watch! All times shown are Pacific Time.

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Break Schedule

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A group box break is a fun and exciting way to buy trading cards. You and a group of other collectors split a box of cards by purchasing different groups of cards (Magic Colors, Sports Teams). Then the box is opened live on stream and you receive all of the non-common cards opened from your group! It is a great way to collect the cards of your favorite color or team at a fraction of the price of buying an entire box.  


  1. Select a Break and Group;
    Review the Break schedule and the different Groups available for purchase. Please read the Break details carefully, as they vary from Break to Break. We do our best to balance the Groups to give all collectors a fun experience.
  2. Purchase Your Spot;
    Once you have found the Break and Group you would like to purchase, you can simply purchase it through
  3. Email Confirmation;
    You will receive an email with the video link for your break within 2 business days. Please confirm that all information is for the correct Break and Group that you were intending to purchase.
  4. Watch Live Box Break;
    Go to our Box Break page at your Break’s scheduled start time and watch which cards from your group are opened. If you are not able to watch your Box Break live, that’s no problem; all videos of your Box Break will be uploaded to YouTube and a link will be emailed to you following the break.
  5. After Break Email;
    A few hours after each Box Break broadcast, we will send an email to each collector that participated in that day’s Breaks. The email will include your shipping information and ask you to confirm if everything is correct before we ship out your cards. If we do not receive a reply within two business days, all cards from your Break will ship to the address you checked out with originally.
  6. Receive Your Cards;
    Within one week of the Box Break, your cards should be in your hands! Enjoy your new cards.

Kaldheim Box Breaks

On Demand Breaks

On-Demand Breaks will start in the next available On-Demand Slot! You can buy them now, or buy them during the stream and watch them opened live on stream while you watch!

Wednesday, February 3rd


Thursday, February 4th


Friday, February 5th


Saturday, February 6th



Q: Are card groupings the same for every box break?

A: No, the break groups will vary from break to break. Be sure to read the group details carefully prior to purchasing.  

Q: Which cards will I receive?

A: Cards matching your group (for example color, letter or type) will be shipped to you, as per the description of the break.  

Q: Where and when can I watch my break?

Q: When will the cards from the box break ship?

A: All cards opened in the Box Break will ship within three business days of the break.  

Q: Where do the Box Toppers go?

A:  Box toppers will be randomly assigned following the break to participants in the break.

Q: Where do "The List" cards go?

A: They are distributed according to card color or type, lining up with the normal breaks  

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Similar to purchasing a sealed Magic the Gathering product, once the product has been opened, no refunds or returns are available. If you would like to cancel your purchase of a spot prior to the Box Break happening, please contact and we will process your refund.  

Q: Can I use store credit to pay for my box break entry?

A: Yes, the option to apply your store credit will be available during the check out process.  

Q: Where can I buy a break?

A: Right here! See all the latest breaks listed above. 

Q: How will the cards be shipped?

A: All Box Break orders will be shipped via USPS First Class mail.  

Q: What are the details on how you randomize cards at the end of the break?

A: Some breaks include cards that are randomized at the end of the break. This is an exciting way for everyone in the break to receive a chance of receiving a sought after card or cards that don’t fit in a group. At the end of the break, all cards set aside will be shuffled and then randomly assigned to a group in the break by randomizing the names 7 times. The person in the top spot on will be assigned the card. Once a person is assigned a card, that person’s group will be removed from the list of groups prior to randomizing for the next card. If a person purchases multiple groups in one break, only the winning group will be removed. If there are more cards to randomize than there are groups in the break, we will add all of the groups back to the list once each group has received one card and continue the process.  

Q: What happens if my breaks doesn't fill?

A: If it's a scheduled break: you'll be automatically refunded.
If it's an On-Demand Break: your entry will be rolled over to the next day's On Demand for that same break. If you would instead prefer a refund, email us at before the next event fires. If by the end of the week (Saturday Evening) a break does not fire, all entries will be refunded.