One of our favorite parts of a new release is playing with those new cards. Cracking booster packs for the first time, and sharing in the excitement of new cards and new interactions. We are excited to bring that experience online with the Time Spiral Remastered Release event!

All you need is 6 Draft Boosters of Time Spiral Remastered and some basic lands and you can build a 40 card deck to battle with throughout the weekend. Support your Local Game Store by picking up the packs there and if they are doing an Online Release Event you should also check it out. Our event will run for over 24 hours so hopefully once you’re done and are still looking to battle you can join us!

This event isn't just about ordinary Sealed Games, you'll be able to team up to take on extra-challenging super bosses in an Archenemy-style showdown! Players will sign up similar to how they join a game, but not everyone can fight the Boss at the same time! Groups of 3 will be randomly chosen to face off with our World Boss representatives. Players not chosen can follow along on a Discord Stream
There is no way to truly predict when these things may happen. You'll have to pay attention to the announcements channel so you don't miss out!

Do I need to play by the world event rules?
Nope! If all you want is to play TSR Sealed we'll have a Traditional 1v1 queue that will award points just like any other match, only you won't be expected to be following along with all the World Event effects and Challenges

Who do I speak to if I don't understand how world events work?
If you have questions about this or any of our activities, head on over to the Discord and one of our staff will be happy to assist!

  • Time Spiral is known for warping what we know about the game of Magic and we’re leaning into that during the Release event. It’s not just about Wins and Losses - you’ll earn points by completing Challenges during your Sealed matches! You’ll be earning points towards a larger community competition (details coming soon).

Join the battle with a friend! When you and a friend each purchase 6 boosters from your local game store, you’ll be able to use your decks to play side-by-side in a Two-Headed Giant battle against another team anywhere in the world! In Two-Headed Giant, players share their turns and their life totals. Make sure your friend has a strong enough deck to keep both of you healthy, because once a team’s shared life total falls to zero, their opponents will get to collect all of the victory points!

Throughout the weekend we’ll be celebrating Time Spiral Remastered with lots of different activities. So if you have some downtime between matches, or are not able to play you can still hang out with other players to participate in text based games and challenges that will take place in the Discord Server throughout the event. Try your hand at Magic Trivia, or show off your Sealed Deck skills in the Deckbuilding Help channel. You can even test your Drafting knowledge against some of your favorite Pros making 1st Picks from different packs.