CFB Commander Boxing League Kit | Commander Legends

CFB Commander Boxing League Kit | Commander Legends

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    Jump into Commander Limited with ChannelFireball's first Boxing League. Open your booster box and build your Commander deck for the first week and add one six pack set of boosters every week! Games are on Tuesday nights from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm Pacific starting December 8. All games will be played on SpellTable with matching done on the ChannelFireball Discord Server. 
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    Commander Legends Boxing League Kit includes:
    • 1 Commander Legends Draft Booster Box
    • 6 booster packs of:
      • Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
      • Dominaria
      • Ravnica Allegiance
    • Ultra Pro 100 Sleeves / Deck Box Combo*
    • Ultra Pro MagicFest Play Mat*
    • 2 Ultra Pro Relic Token*
    • 1 MagicFest Non-Foil Sol Ring
    • 1 MagicFest Non-Foil Path to Exile
    • 1 MagicFest Non-Foil Lightning Bolt
    • 5 Promo Foil Basic Lands

    *items will vary and may not match image

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