MFIAB (Lot of 20)

MFIAB (Lot of 20)

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  • Description

    This lot contains the materials to produce 20 units of our upcoming version of MagicFest in a Box. For reference, here is what each unit will contain:

    • 1 Sol Ring Foil Promo
    • 1 Sol Ring Non-Foil Promo
    • 2 Path to Exile Foil Promo
    • 4 Path to Exile Non-Foil Promo
    • 4 Lightning Bolt Non-Foil Promo
    • 1 Mutavault Foil Promo
    • 10 Basic Land Foil Promos
    • 1 Ultra Pro Commander Deck Box + Sleeves (100ct)
    • 1 Ultra Pro MagicFest Play Mat (Mystery)

    This lot is intended for Business only. Any customer that we are not able to authenticate as representing a business may have their order cancelled.

    Limit 1 per customer.