Makindi Stampede // Makindi Mesas [Zendikar Rising]

Makindi Stampede // Makindi Mesas [Zendikar Rising]

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  • Description

    Set: Zendikar Rising
    Type: Sorcery // Land
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Cost: null
    Makindi Stampede
    Sorcery 3WW
    Creatures you control get +2/+2 until end of turn.

    Makindi Mesas
    Makindi Mesas enters the battlefield tapped.
    T: Add W.

    "They say the wind carved out these canyon walls. But the floor was hammered flat by hooves." —Kreq of Sunder Bay

    "The ground is rumbling. Better hope it's not just the Roil!" —Kreq of Sunder Bay

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