Ultimate Magic Gift Box | 12 Pack Edition

Ultimate Magic Gift Box | 12 Pack Edition

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  • Description

    The Ultimate Magic Gift Box is the perfect present for the Planeswalker in your life – or for yourself! With exclusive promos, boosters and accessories, this box is sure to put a spark in someone’s heart if they love Magic: The Gathering!

    This updated version contains the following:

    • Ultimate Masters
    • Magic 2019
    • Dominaria
    • Hour of Devastation
    • Ravnica Allegiance
    • Rivals of Ixalan
    • Theros: Beyond Death
    • Throne of Eldraine
    • War of the Spark
    • Magic 2021
    • Ikoria
    • Zendikar Rising

    As well as the following promo cards and accessories:


    • 1 Foil Path to Exile
    • 1 Non Foil Sol Ring
    • 2 Non Foil Path to exile
    • 2 Non Foil Lightning Bolt
    • 5 Foil Basic Lands
    • 2 Mana Symbol 5 Full View Deck Box with Tray for Magic: The Gathering
    • 2 Relic Tokens


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